picture of Nicolai Foss Nicolai Foss Bocconi University Conference Co-Chair

picture of Torben Pedersen Torben Pedersen Bocconi University Conference Co-Chair

Welcome From The Program Chairs

Dear Colleagues:

We are delighted to introduce the SMS Special Conference which will be held in Copenhagen. The city of Copenhagen in many ways constitutes “Scandinavian Cool” with its cozy and informal atmosphere, cultural sights, strong emphasis on design and architecture and safe streets. Not surprisingly, Copenhagen is repeatedly identified as being in the top three of the world’s capital cities when it comes to life quality.  Copenhagen is the center of economic activity in Denmark, and an integral part of the Øresund region, the key driver of value creation in Southern Scandinavia. The conference itself will be held at the Copenhagen Business School, which at 19,000 students and 500+ faculty is one of the largest business schools in the world, and which has succeeded in developing a strong research culture in combination with an emphasis on excellence in teaching.

The focus of the conference is microfoundations—an increasingly important notion in the discourse of strategic management scholars over the last decade. The basic argument is that individuals and their interaction matter fundamentally to strategic issues. While this sounds innocuous, it is also clear that in some key respect, strategic management does not take individuals sufficiently into account. The question is how we can do this to a larger extent, and what it means for strategic management theory, empirical work, teaching and the advice we give. By engaging in a dialogue between researchers and practitioners we hope to shed light on this key issue.

We are gathering a range of established scholars and practitioners and we hope that you will join them in Copenhagen. We mix specialist tracks on “decision-making and managers,” “entrepreneurship,” “strategic human resources” “methodological issues.”, with panels and keynote talks to examine the challenges to strategic management theory, empirics and teaching represented by microfoundations.

The Copenhagen special conference will offer you an opportunity to engage with senior scholars and practitioners during what will be an exciting set of sessions. We have already lined up an outstanding range of contributors who will help stimulate a lively set of discussions. We hope that you’ll come to engage in those discussions as well as to experience Copenhagen. Note also that the Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics begins its annual conference the day after this special conference ends, so you can hit two major conferences in one strike.

A warm welcome awaits you.

Nicolai J Foss and Torben Pedersen

Strategic Management Society