Workshop Dates

July 31, 2023
Application Deadline (If Applicable)
Notification of Acceptance
Workshop Participant Registration Deadline
SEPTEMBER 30, 2023
Workshops at SMS Toronto

Conference Workshops

Saturday, September 17, 2022


Interest Group and Community Workshops are held on Saturday, September 17, 2022; the first day of the SMS Annual Conference. Workshops are included in the registration for the Annual Conference, therefore participants in workshops must be registered for the Annual Conference.

While workshops are open to all conference attendees, please note that some workshops have a competitive application process, and most require pre-registration for planning purposes. The application deadline for all IG&C workshops is August 22, 2022, and the pre-registration deadline is September 9th.

Workshops are scheduled for three-hour morning or afternoon sessions. Lunch and coffee breaks are provided for all workshop participants. 

 We will open for workshop applications and pre-registration on July 22nd. At that time we will also provide additional information about each workshop's program.


Morning Workshops (09:00h - 12:00h)

Sponsored by the Teaching Community

Workshop Application Deadline: August  22, 2022

This workshop will bring together six professors who have produced and taught VR cases in strategy. They will demonstrate, explain, and discuss these exciting pedagogical breakthroughs. The workshop will consist of several parts: 1) Introduction to the VR case method, 2) A masterclass demonstrating how a VR case is taught, 3) The VR toolbox – a discussion of the advantages of teaching in VR, 4) Producing a VR case – how it is done, and 5) Roundtables – ideas for new VR cases in strategy. 

Given the number of VR headsets available, this workshop will be limited to 40 participants. Priority will be given to people who have experience in teaching and authoring cases and who would like to become involved in producing and teaching VR cases. Thus, an application is required for this workshop. Applicants should submit the following materials as a single document through the workshop website:
1. A short (1-paragraph) summary of why you would like to be part of the workshop, focusing on your interest and capacity to engage in teaching and authoring VR cases.
2. Your current CV

Co-sponsored by the Competitive Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Cooperative Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Strategy, and Knowledge & Innovation Interest Groups

Workshop Application Deadline: August  22, 2022

At the SMS 42nd Annual Conference, the strategic management research community is poised to make contributions that will help organizations create innovative, sustainable, and resilient strategies for this increasingly open world. To navigate this rapidly changing complex environment, strategy scholarship must encourage creative approaches to evaluating ways in which firms can organize, collaborate and compete. Our workshop seeks to create a space where scholars can explore these and similar topics. Through an interactive panel and Q&A discussion followed by in-depth facilitated feedback sessions, this paper development workshop aims to bring together a variety of perspectives across diverse strategy communities.

Applications will be required for this workshop. To be considered for this workshop, applicants should submit a CV and a copy (or extended abstract) of the paper for which they would like to receive feedback through the workshop website.

Sponsored by Stakeholder Strategy Interest Group

Workshop Application Deadline: August  22, 2022

The purpose of this PDW is to provide scholars with developmental feedback on their current research ideas and papers in the field of stakeholder-related research and offer a stimulating discussion on new research areas in stakeholder strategy. Reflecting the 2022 SMS Conference theme of “Innovative Strategies for an Open World,” the panelists will discuss innovations in stakeholder theory, broadly construed, to inspire new research on tackling grand challenges, social and environmental action, and effective stakeholder strategies across different contexts.

The PDW will feature an initial panel that is open to all SMS attendees and small-group paper feedback sessions open only to accepted participants. While the paper feedback sessions are also open to all attendees interested in applying, preference will be given to doctoral students, early- and mid-career academics, as after several virtual conferences we want to encourage in-person connections between newer and more established scholars. To be considered for the paper development portion, applicants should submit a CV and paper overview (maximum 5 pages) through the SMS workshop website. Applications must be formatted as a single PDF file.


Sponsored by the Research Methods Community

Workshop Application Deadline: August  22, 2022

Given the success of last year’s SMS workshop on Methodological Frontiers, we are happy to follow-up this year with a new workshop. We will focus on how new methods and data can push the frontier of strategy research to generate novel insights. The session will include a panel discussion and application-based roundtable discussions. In the first portion, a panel discussion open to all conference attendees,  panelists will share insights on publishing research using frontier methodologies in a two-part panel discussion. 

During the second, application-based portion, participants will discuss their research and interests with panelists in roundtables. The roundtables will provide participants the opportunity to gain personalized feedback on their research ideas from faculty panelists. Participants will be asked to submit short abstracts of their ideas or questions prior to the workshop. 

Sponsored by the Strategy Practice and Strategy Process Interest Groups

No Application Required; Walk-ins Welcome

The objective of this workshop is to offer an interactive session that provides insights that engage scholars throughout SMS who are (or may be) interested in publishing rigorous and impactful strategy process research. We will have two sequential panels, each with a Q&A session with the participants. The first panel consists of top journals´ editors who will discuss how to successfully publish strategy process research. In the second panel, the author(s) of a recently published strategy process paper will walk through their journey from submission to acceptance. Then the editor will share his perspective on the process from ‘the other side,’ as well as reflect on how this paper is distinctive or similar to others they know based on their considerable editorial and publishing experience. All conference attendees are welcome to attend this workshop!

Afternoon Workshops (13:00h - 16:00h)

Sponsored by the Competitive Strategy, Cooperative Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Strategy Practice, Corporate Strategy, and Strategy Process Interest Group

Workshop Application Deadline: August 22, 2022 

Experiments are important tools for scholars because they allow them to address persistent puzzles in the literature, extend theories, and examine the micro-foundations of firm differences. Unsurprisingly, recent years have seen an increase in the number of articles using experimental methodologies in strategy and entrepreneurship. However, using experiments requires a very different approach than the one scholars versed in traditional methods are used to and poses unique challenges in designing and running studies. The purpose of this workshop is to bring scholars together to take stock of how to design and run better experiments and provide feedback on experimental studies. The workshop features a panel discussion (1 hour), followed by an interactive roundtable session (2 hours).

Applications are required for this workshop. To be considered for this workshop, applicants should submit the following materials as a single document through the workshop website:
- CV
- a one-page description of a future or current experiment that includes: 1) Dependent Variable(s) you want to examine 2) Experimental IVs you want to vary 3) Covariates that you need to understand and deal with if it is a quasi-experimental design 4) Indicate whether your experiment is based on the tradition of general strategy, behavioural economics, psychology, or others 5) Classify your experiment as a field experiment, lab experiment, lab-in-the-field experiment, field-in-the-lab experiment, online experiment, or survey experiment.

Sponsored by the Behavioral Strategy, Global Strategy, Knowledge & Innovation, and Strategic Human Capital Interest Groups

No Application Required; Walk-ins Welcome

Whether we notice it or not, polarization affects our lives. Be it in our classrooms, our fields of research, the organizations we work at, polarization changes the roles we play as scholars. Having a more informed view of how polarization works might be a good first step in countering its evil effects.

In this workshop, we will look at the origins of polarization, at how it affects the way we categorize and build our culture. We will also explore how it builds within us and present a skill we can use to try to empathize with people across the aisle. Finally, we will explore how polarization is changing our educations programs and even the organizations we study, consult for, or work at. The workshop will consist of two expert panels and roundtable discussions. One panel will present three different viewpoints from research subfields. A second panel will present the views of practitioners and management educators. We hope that this workshop will be informative in helping us see what can do, in our different roles, to better see across the charged divide and avoid the downsides of polarization.

Sponsored by Competitive Strategy Interest Group

Workshop Application Deadline: August  22, 2022

When business schools evaluate a junior professor for tenure, the school typically seeks letters from several prominent individuals in the junior scholar’s area of research. This half-day workshop is intended to help assistant professors and late stage doctoral candidates understand and prepare for the tenure letter process. The first half of the workshop will feature presentations by prominent senior faculty who have written tenure letters. They will describe the letter writing process, explain how they evaluate a tenure case, and provide advice for junior scholars. The second half of the workshop will feature small roundtable discussions where junior scholars will describe their intended research program and receive feedback and advice from the senior scholars.

An application is required for this workshop. Application requirements include:
1. A research statement (maximum 3 pages), which we will share with the panelists.
2. Applicant's top 4 preferences in terms of panelists that the applicant would like to be matched with for the roundtable discussions.

Sponsored by the Strategic Leadership & Governance Interest Group

Workshop Application Deadline: August  22, 2022

The Strategic Leadership & Governance Interest Group is offering an Early Career Professional and Paper Development Workshop. The workshop consists of two components. The first component is a professional development workshop and is open to everyone. The professional development workshop aims to provide a venue for senior-career faculty to share their views on the future of SL&G research and offer advice for publishing SL&G topics in management journals. This component will include a panel discussion with senior scholars. This component will last one hour and fifteen minutes.

Following a break for networking, the second component is a paper development workshop designed for Ph.D. students and junior faculty. This session will offer participants the opportunity to discuss their work in a small group, round table format. Participants of this workshop need to submit a five-page research proposal (SMS style) to apply for this session. The research proposals will be distributed to the mentors and other group members. Participants in each group (consisting of the authors of 3 to 4 papers with a common theme or methodology) will exchange feedback during this portion of the program. Experienced SL&G scholars will provide feedback and facilitate each group discussion.

Sponsored by the Global Strategy Interest Group

Workshop Application Deadline: August  22, 2022

The purpose of this Paper Development Workshop (PDW) is to provide scholars with developmental feedback on their current research papers in the field of global strategy. The PDW will feature small-group feedback sessions on pre-selected participants. The PDW is open to all scholars, but preference will be given to doctoral students, early- and mid-career academics. While we hope that many of the participating papers and research ideas will be eventually submitted to the Global Strategy Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and other journals that publish work in the field of international strategy, the purpose of the PDW is broader: to improve the quality of global strategy research by providing quality feedback, stimulate new research ideas and approaches to analyze global strategy phenomena, and to connect new and established scholars into the field.

Application materials include a CV and a working paper.

Sponsored by the Strategy Practice Interest Group

No Application Required; Walk-ins Welcome

Many companies are shifting from analog, virtual and hybrid strategy processes. This poses many challenges but also opportunities for the collecting and using of data in strategy research. In this workshop we will highlight best-practices to data collection and discuss how to best handle adaptations as companies might change their format of strategizing, and how to draw on the strengths and opportunities of data from virtual, analog and hybrid interviews, ethnography, netnography and artifacts in strategy processes. We will start with a controversial panel discussion with four experts about the challenges and opportunities of this variety of data. This will be followed by each panelist hosting a roundtable that allows participants in a "world cafe" format to gain insights for different data sources and their combination.