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Industry Emergence & Evolution in an Open World

Said Business School, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

September 16, 2022


Despite the long-standing roots of industry studies in strategy research, the continuous changes in technologies, markets, and societies have opened the opportunity and necessity for strategy scholars to appreciate new phenomena about industries, their emergence and evolution.


The extension will open the conversation to new strategic views and approaches. This means appreciating phenomena beyond industry boundaries that impact and are impacted by industry trends, thus including ecosystem and non-market actors. It also means trying to explain phenomena spanning across various levels of analysis, connecting individual and organizational actions to industry trends and societal shifts. Finally, it also means engaging with other fields of science, not only by borrowing analytical tools and frameworks, but also by engaging in a constructive interdisciplinary conversation which can better illuminate phenomena of industry emergence and evolution which have remained under-explored to date. We hope that this extension enables us to explore the boundaries of our knowledge about industry emergence and evolution, identify novel and promising research avenues, and offer implications for strategy formation by market and non-market stakeholders.


During the extension, we will reflect backward to synthesize strategic management advances about this topic, look at the present to report current working papers, and imagine forward to discuss ideas about the future research opportunities. Thus, the format and agenda include a combination of panels and paper presentations. In line with the conference theme, we aim to encourage and develop an open, constructive conversation which gives space to different perspectives on the topic, identifying complementarities and points of contact. Several breaks and social activities aim at providing the platform for exchange of ideas. We are also excited about the opportunity for a group tour of the historic Oxford during the day as well as a formal Oxford college dinner on the evening of September 16th.


Extension Organizers

picture of Paolo Aversa
Paolo Aversa
City, University of London
picture of Mahka Moeen
Mahka Moeen
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
picture of Pinar Ozcan
Pinar Ozcan
University of Oxford